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재료연구소(KIMS) 60GPa 이상 초고경도 내마모 DLC코팅기술

재료연구소(KIMS) 60GPa 이상 초고경도 내마모 DLC코팅기술

- KIMS (Korea Institute of Materials Science)

- 자료문의: jjh21@kims.re.kr

- 홈페이지http://www.kims.re.kr/eng
비평가 : 좋긴한데 과연가격이 ᆢ

(주)제이앤엘테크 회사 소개 영상

주식회사 제이앤엘테크는 1997년에 설립되어 한국 내 DLC 코팅 시장을 선도하고 있습니다. 플라즈마 건식 코팅 서비스를 독자적인 기술로 제공하며 코팅 장비 및 측정기를 제조 및 판매하고 있는 기업입니다. 중국, 일본 등에 에이전시를 두고 전세계적으로 고객을 확보하며 성장하고 있습니다.

● 홈페이지: www.jnltech.co.kr
● 대표메일: jnltech@jnltech.co.kr
● 대표전화: 031-499-1005

DLC Coating

DLC Coating Black
deucedeuce22oz : Mobil 1 is an amazing oil for rust prevention. That's probably what I would choose for the first oil to apply. There are a few that are just as good (maybe even better), but I don't recall what they were.
Ichi Go : Is there a certian type of oil to use? Or a certian type to avoid so the coating is not damaged? Thanks for the info!!
Ash S : Can the old 3 in 1 oil do the job or does it have to be expensive oil?
Ron Pearson : Is this coating pure graphite?
Jimmynoleaks boilerman : Thanks
Mick Nelson : Are you coating the inside of the barrel? If so, does it offer wear resistance like hard chrome & TiN?
The Golf Life : Can your company do a DLC coating on a G43x slide?
Mornin Guv'nuh : Are you oiling it just for the black look, or because DLC isn't preventing corrosion? The last thing I want on a CCW IWB piece is an oil layer on the external parts, no matter how thin.
Timothy Berlinski : Would you recommend coating the Sear or should i stay away from that part?
acweaponry : MPro7 is my go to oil as well.




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