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How To Program a Key With the AutoKeyProTool CK 100 +

This video shows you how I programmed a key with my CK100 programming tool. This tool is very versatile and you can do a lot with it. You can get your key code, you can program a key, you can also program your key fob or remote.

Here is the link to the best price I found on the internet

It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal and if you are a dealership or own many cars it’s a most have!

Here is a video that shows all vehicles that this tool will work with.

Tools I use in my shop: --- OBD II Scanner --- Oil Life Reset Tool --- Microfiber Towels --- Heavy Duty Jumper Pack --- Pocket Sized Jumper Pack --- 12v Battery Charger


Máquina programadora de chips de llaves de automóvil.
Tutorial de uso y funcionamiento, programación de llaves de Volkswagen.

5 Best CK100 Key Programmer Review 2021

5 Best CK100 Key Programmer Review 2021
100 New Collection Aliexpress:

1. 2019 Newest CK100 Auto Key Programmer V48.88 CK100 Car Key Programmer tools The Latest ck 100 No Tokens Limited

2. Newest Generation SBB CK100 Auto Key Programmer CK 100 Car Key Programmer V99.99 With 7 Language

3. CK-100 CK100 Auto Key Programmer V99.99 Newest Generation SBB CK-100 Auto Key Programmer CK-100 Key Programmer

4. Auto Key Programmer CK100 Car Key Maker CK-100 Car Key Maker V99.99 Latest Generation of SBB CK 100 With 7 Language

5. New Generation Of SBB CK100 V99.99 Auto Key Programmer CK 100 Support Multi-languages OBD2 Car Key Programmer by free china post





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