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Tutorial: Instructions To Change Keyboard on MSI GT70 Laptop (GT60, GT780, GT783 Similar)

I was one of the few people that had a keyboard issue with the GT70, we needed to know if it was a defective keyboard or a defect in the laptop. When more people purchased the laptop and had no typing problems it was obvious that I had a defective keyboard so MSI sent me a new one to install.

Today I do the install video to help other people that find themselves with the need to upgrade or replace the keyboard for some reason. I think if its defective you probably can send it in for warrenty, however if your trying to upgrade from non-led to a backlight model this guide may help you. I need to see if the non-backlight models have the connection and capability to run the led keyboard.

Also if you ever break your keyboard via a spill or something else outside of warranty this guide may save you.

This was the MSI GT70 but it should be very similar if not identical for the GT60, and the older GT780 and GT783.
Marcelo Correia Lima : Thnx
Antonio PunkHc : Hello my friend!

Thanx for the video.

Does anybody know if that's the same way to change the keyboard on "GT72vr 6rd Dominator" Model?

I've just ordered a new keyboard and I'm afraid to try it myself.
Nigel John : Urgent where did you by the keyboard
Alfinn Abdillah : Hi, the original keyboard had a "windows" key on the right side, what if i replace it with other keyboard with "normal" windows key which on the left side? Will it works? Thanks
Rictus Mind : Having some issues connecting the new main ribbon strip the black bit on the top of the connector popped off and it's the only part of your video you skipped, any tips would be great.
pablovelasco3d : So cool. I will change my AZERTY keyboard for a QWERTY I bought on internet, thanks to this info.
Thank u for the help!
mirzam90 : I want new keyboard panel please send me web site link thanks
JJrumrum : Can you do a get 72 dominator pro vr ready please I need it
Mike M : I think i might have a problem with original ram (8gm) installed. I understand where those two additional slots are located, but can't find the slot where the orinigal ram is. Can you help me with that?
mad heiress : thanks but you didn't describe or demonstrate how to reconnect the smaller side cable on the keyboard onto the laptop. I dont see anything in there to connect it to.

Battlefield 3 on MSI GT783 nVidia GTX580M, High and Ultra mode

Build Your MSI GT783 at:
Break Of Dawn Mixes&Typography : lolwut
Moonface00z : GTX 675M is exactly the same as 580M

PotEnTiaL76 : 7970m is way faster than GTX 675m
Alooy10q8 : r u kidding ofc Nvidia..
Angus W : Do u guys think GTX675M or Radeon 7970M, which one is better?
ProtoGodMidnight : If your still looking, I suggest a SAGER. Great price & performance :)
Moonface00z : This notebook is still better than Asus G75 and GT70
francis tan : this laptop is better than my oversized gaming pc
¿Hola ke ase? : Nothing compared to my INTEL GMA 950! can play call of duty 1 with 9 fps
adck46 : how much is the shipping cost to australia?do u accept paypal?

[Cowcot TV] Présentation Portable Gamer MSI GT783

[Cowcot TV] Présentation Portable Gamer MSI GT783
Ivan Renaux : @pmichel95 si il le dit sur la video 2000 euros le pc
Paulo Heaven : Mais non, 699€ !
Pistaschios : Petit test ingame ?? sinon merci, je crois que je vais m'en achetter un^^
Ivan Renaux : 2000 euros ... quand meme, comment tu fais pour avoir tous ton matériel ?
Med jihad : :( je veux 1 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

neo62260 : Énorme ce portable ^^ nickel pour jouer dans ton pieux :P
HoM3r17 : Merci ;)




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