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Why I Bought the Canon 1DC in 2019!

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I bought ANOTHER Canon 1DC! This is my third one and maybe this time will be a keeper?? In this video I talk about the 1DC and the history behind it... as well as explain why I decided to pick one up in 2019.

Check out Armando’s video:

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Canon 1DC The Most Underrated Cinema Camera of 2019!
The Canon 1DC is one of the best cameras ever made by Canon. How does it compare to the newer Canon cameras like the Canon C200?

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Check out Dave's Video on why he bought a 1DC in 2019:

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Canon 1DC 4K Cinematic (Is the 1DC still holding up in 2020?)

Canon 1DC 4K Cinematic (Does the camera still hold up after 8 years?)
Finally got a chance to review this lovely 1DC. The world’s first 4K DSLR. Also the most expensive DSLR ever. When it was first announced back in 2012. The camera was US$15,000. Works out AU$24,500. That money you could buy 2.5x 1DX Mark III now. So back in the days, I could only dream of that camera.

Even though it’s almost 8 years old now. But the DCI 4K 4:2:2 codec, unlimited recording and C-Log still rocks!! (I wish the 1DX Mark III could do unlimited 4K recording)

So in this video test, I was really surprised the quality is very nice. It doesn’t feel like it was an old 8 year old camera. Think about it, 8 years ago. We were still using the 5D Mark II and III. The quality didn’t come close to this 1DC. When I compare the 4K image to the EOS-R. I even find the 1DC 4K image looks sharper and more detail. Even tho the EOS-R can do 10Bit out through the HDMI. But the detail is just nicer on the 1DC.

This video was shot back in September, 2019.

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DSI Pictures Entertainment 2020
Filmed and edited by Steve Chan




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