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I LOVE This Little SHIMPO ASPIRE Portable Pottery Wheel - REVIEW and DEMO.

From Steve at

I have used the Shimpo Aspire Portable Pottery Wheel for the past two years to teach classes at our local art museum. The performance of this wheel has surprised and amazed me!

This video reviews the features and performance of the wheel and also includes a pottery throwing demo so you can see just how well this great little affordable portable pottery wheel works.

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Jameson 86 : Most affordable pottery wheel is $500? Guess pottery isn't for me.
Andy Jame : Bought it as a birthday gift for my Neice>ЇЖ   She likes making ceramics in her spare time. It comes fast and well packaged with some accessories. She said the pottery wheel works perfectly and its color looks so cute. Great value at this price.
Enzo Dugulescu : how much does it cost and where can I buy one?
dorothyp5 : I also love my Aspire!
YOU SAVE : Awesome Video Love Watching Your Channel Post
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Mark Jones : Just happened upon this video. Thank you for the review. I did notice that the clay was not perfectly centered. I take it this is just because attention was diverted during filming
Joan Lin : where i can buy?
loneranger 5 : I bought one of these it's dreadfull it dosent even spin round true it's got a buckle in it I spent quite a bit of money on it and the company are doing nothing to correct the situation really disappointing!!! don't buy it...its a waste of money
Savanah Marie : Where did you get that wheel I want it so bad
Feiz T : Hi~ Thanks for the review. I am considering to have one of this. May i know if this model can cater for both 110v and 240v power supply?

Pottery Wheel Review - Shimpo VL Whisper

This is a customer review of a brand new Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheel. This is a 1/2 hp direct drive brushless motor and can center 100 lbs. of clay.
Ben Wadler : All due respect, this is an unboxing not a review.
Andy Jame : Great>ЁА    I can adjust the foot pedal into my most comfortable position, which was the main reason for choosing this model. Speed can be adjusted easily by pedal which is quite responsive! I try to find the best throwing speed and how much clay,as I become more and more proficient, I will directly fix the speed I want. Anyway, practice makes perfect.
Clown Whisper : I'm looking to buy one of these myself. I'm just getting into pottery / ceramics and I have the extra money I just don't want to make the wrong purchase people seem to like these I don't know if I should go this expensive this early on however. I have not found a lot of used wheels that look like something that I could trust to last at least a little while so I'm thinking I am just going to go ahead and buy a damn wheel you have any advice?
Brian Loly : Hi Joshua, Great Video. Quick Question: Is the front leg straight (90') perpendicular to the floor?
Constantina Stehlik : How much was it??
Hannah Morrow : Does this run in 120v?
Robert McCann : I have a VL whisper that is a disaster. I have changed the potentiometer and circuit board, but it continues to run erratically. Customer service has no idea what is wrong.
Rimjhim chouhan प्रजापति : I am buy this wheel what is price
Tommy Mcmichael : Why does no one comment on the ability to use this wheel as a turntable? When the wheel is not turning or is off the wheel head free spins making it a great turntable. I know Brent does not offer this feature nor does the Pacifica wheels.
hameed alwahaibi : hi friend where are you from because i am from muscat, oman and i am searching for this machine here but i couldnt find it could you help me to find online website to order it online?

Shimpo's De Airing Pugmill Mixer NVS07.wmv

New on the market in June 2011 this De-Airing Pugmill Mixer features a powerful 1HP Motor for mixing and extruding, it is all stainless steel, giant hopper and good size nozzle (which also is compatible with the add on dies), the clay cutter and roller shelf is included and very easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Also a great feature is the dual safety system that includes a limit switch and overload system. All with a great price.
sivan terracotta padmavathi pottery works : Bro what is the price of the machine
SYED NAYEEMUDDIN : what purpose use of this machine
creative art ka addaa : Price ?
vanila ice : qual o preço?
Ramesh Bartakke : Is there any dealer in India so that we can purchase it.
Akshay Bhandari : What is price?
Akshay Bhandari : What is price?
Venkata Rajesh : How much it cost
Venkata Rajesh : How much price in India
sachin kumar : Sir ji ye machine kaise milege




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