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Re Potting my big Alocasia Plant - Elephant's Ear Houseplant

#houseplants #succulents #desertplantsofavalon
Hi Guys :-D In this video I have fun Re potting my beautiful large Alocasia Houseplant aka The Elephant's Ear Plant :-D
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Lipad Vlog TV : Very beautiful wild plants maam, just like you
Pamela Woolford : Beautiful plant
maman agung : Berapa Harga Tanaman ini...?
Anjali Sharma : Is it common for them to not stand after re putting? My plants look shrivel ! How long it is going to stay that way
Edward Moore : When mine was little I put it in a huge pot. It's huge now.
2Blessed2BStressed : So grateful for this vid! I just brought my 3rd Elephant ear plant and its HUGE! And so is the Pot. Needed help Repotting! Thank U
Christopher Hauser : like you elephant ear plant it will grow bigger and nice for you
Earth Plants : Alocasia cucullata - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NST826j6AA&t=1s
Kevin Washington : How do you know what size pot to use?
Jessica Freitas : Can someone tell me what the soil mixture was? I could not hear properly

How to Make Elephant Ears | Fair Food Recipes | Allrecipes.com

Get the recipe for Elephant Ears at http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Elephant-Ears-2/Detail.aspx

In this video you'll learn how to make homemade elephant ears. These large, tender "ears" of cinnamon-sugar dusted fried dough are hard to resist. Enjoy the taste of fair food at home any time of year.

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coupleofbeers31 : Does anyone know how long after making these will they keep in the fridge? Thanks.
Shakira Rivers : Yanikeke in d.r
Lisa Albrecht : Lisa was here
rai : didnt help me at all smh
Jac K : Im so happy I only eat this once every 1 to 2 years!!!! Just delicious!!!
장택기 : what butter??
Tisha Tee : I hate soft elephant ear I would fry it longer for that crunch
ur obese : Beavertail rip off
Angela Torres : I made them last year! Tasted so good !!!
quehe87 : ohhhhh yummmm. 

How to Grow Elephant Ears (Colocasia)

Elephant Ears are large attractive plants that command attention in your outdoor garden or can be used in your indoor space for cleaning your air. Learn how to grow these fast growing beauties with lots of water and fertilizer to get vigorous growth.

For more information visit- http://www.logees.com
Click here to see our Elephant Ear plants visit- http://www.logees.com/browse-by-botanical-name/colocasia.html
Lyric mosley : I have an elephant ear and I planted it three years ago and just this year it's come up. It's growing like crazy the leaves are so soft kinda fuzzy but it's 3 and a half feet high I see I grow more everyday but I haven't found it anywhere so I don't know the name of it. I do know it's a hybrid. I have pics but I don't know how to send them to you this way.
Sally Davis : We have 2 Elephant Ears that are now in their 5th season. Each year the stems get taller and taller before their leaves break out (stems now are 3+ ft tall and 7" in diameter). Can they be cut back to near ground level at the end of the season or the beginning on the next growing season so they are not so "leggy" next year? PS: we live near Savannah GA
crochet girl : What a Beauty
Xpert Muneer : Where is this grow plant indoor or outdoor
Doreen Wong : I bought 15 bulbs and only 2 are growing... very slow. The rest were rotten. I dug them out after 3-4 months not seeing any thing, accept the two that are growing. They were mushy, smelled rotten. Any ideal why that happened?
Gardening With Pleasure :
Gardening With Pleasure : Very useful video Thanks for sharing
William Grayson : I love these plants I use 20 20 20 fertilizer water soluble I have alot of them and Cannas
Tim Snyder : What are the flowering looking bulbs that grow on only one branch of the elephant ear plant? The leaf itself seems to be dying but I do not want to trim all of that off because I am still new to this kind of plant.
BOO BIZZY : How can I get different color elephant ears? Thanks




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