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Paul & Linda McCartney - Ram - Full Album

1 Too Many People - 00:00\r
2 3 Legs - 04:10\r
3 Ram On - 06:57\r
4 Dear Boy - 09:27\r
5 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - 11:43\r
6 Smile Away - 16:38\r
7 Heart of the Country - 20:32\r
8 Monkberry Moon Delight - 22:56\r
9 Eat at Home - 28:21\r
10 Long Haired Lady - 31:46\r
11 Ram On (Reprise) - 37:51\r
12 The Back Seat of My Car - 38:46\r
Bonus Tracks\r
13 Another Day - 43:23\r
14 Oh Woman, Oh Why - 47:08\r
Ram is a studio album by Paul and Linda McCartney.
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jeb909 : Has anyone else ever noticed how much "The Backseat of my Car" resembles a Beach Boys song? In certain parts, I can hear Carl Wilson singing this song.
יהודית זלוטניק : Love it!
Erik Pate : Just listened to this album for the first time, definitely one of my favorite records ever
Rod Johnson : It’s his best I believe!
Jesse Krauß : Right in the middle of this YT presents me an add for the new Lennon album "Gimme some truth". Turns out quite ironic regarding the relationship John and Paul had to each other back then. Lennon not just sung "How do you sleep" but also published a photo of himself grabbing a pig by the ears, spoofing the cover picture of "Ram". Luckily they renewed their friendship later on.
Oroborus : A badly failed attempt to reproduce the sound of the Beatles. Band on the Run is a great album. Ram is just a lot of polished mediocrity. And no, Linda can't sing either.
Richard S : I don't like the album artwork but music is great!
Richard S : A book in the 1970s Rolling Stone's Record Buying guide gave this album a 4 star rating out of five. Impressive and I agree.
Richard S : A contributor to "Rock's greatest year" 1971

RAM & Susana pres. Tales of Life - You Are Enough (Official Music Video)

Listen on Spotify: https://nk.complete.me/youareenough?e=sp
Listen on Apple Music: https://nk.complete.me/youareenough?e=am

Through music, we share the tales of our lives…

After ‘Ramelia’, ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Northern Star’, RAM \u0026 Susana take their collaboration to the next level through their brand new project Tales Of Life.

The release of their single ‘You Are Enough’ forms the kick-off of this exciting new chapter.

As is to be expected from the iconic Trance duo, ‘You Are Enough’ is a powerful, emotional and meaningful uplifter. It’s message being that there’s no need for us to strive for perfection nor outside validation. That even if we’re stripped of everything - our success, our accolades - we are still worthy, because we are enough… just the way we are.

For the official music video RAM \u0026 Susana invited their most loyal fans to take part in the video by submitting a clip of a happy moment in their life.

“A huge thank you to everyone for their lovely contributions! It means a lot to us and we hope to see you soon somewhere around the globe” - Ram \u0026 Susana

Music video directed by Makoto Miyauchi / RGBeat Studio


Download on Beatport: https://nk.complete.me/youareenough?e=bp
Other Services: https://nk.complete.me/youareenough

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#RAM #Susana #YouAreEnough #NocturnalKnights
Susana : Thanks for listening and watching everyone! Hope you like it

Also a huge thank you to our fans for their lovely contributions! It means a lot to us!
Eduard Tihoun : Great track
Trance ballad
Orgasmic combination of trance & vocals

Greetings from Czech rep. ❤
Jorge Nava : amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Fuchs : ‍❤️‍✌️ Dankeschön
Nick Maragkos : Susana Lise

Nick Maragkos : Οh my goodness



gelu nica : Just beautiful!!!!
Travis Money : TUNE OF THE YEAR 2020!!!!!!!!!
ANIVERS MUSIC : The people who make the masterpiece at Trance make a collab with wonderful vocalist!!

[RAM] 램 레블 출고기, 6개월 동안 고민 끝에 드디어!! 쌍용 렉스턴 스포츠 칸 다음 차로 램 레블을 구입했습니다. (JW모터스 RAM REBEL 5.7L HEMI V8)

픽업트럭 구입을 위해 지난 6개월 동안 고민이 깊었습니다. 그 중에서도 포드 F-150 랩터와 쉐보레 실버라도 트레일보스, GMC 시에라 중에서 선택하고 싶었습니다. 하지만 실물을 만나고, 가격이나 사양 등을 고려했을 때는 램 레블이 할 말을 잃게 했습니다. 메르세데스-벤츠 CLS400 이후로 고가차량은 구입하지 않을 계획이었는데, 쌍용 렉스턴 스포츠 칸을 타면서 픽업트럭의 매력에 빠지게 되어 결국 오리지널 픽업트럭을 지르게 되네요. 할부 갚을 생각을 하면 막막하지만... 그래도 앞으로 더 재밌고, 신박한 콘텐츠 많이 보여드리겠습니다. ^^

ps. 차량 구입에 뽐뿌 가득 넣어주시고, JW모터스 방문까지 함께 해주신 아이언빌드 구현재 대표님께 감사드립니다. 롤바 예쁘게 제작해주시고요. 광고 기다리겠습니다!! ^^

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덕질흄선생 : 대표님 되게 젠틀하시네요
Ricky C : 페브릭 들어갔다고 좋다는 얘기는.... 그냥 빠는 소리네..
U.N.G Life : 램 이차 노가다뛰는 건축업자들이 타는 차 아닌가요
최기석 : 램타고십다
kr nimo : 얼마에 사셨나요? 거기 출고매장좀 알려주세요 저도 한대 알아보고싶네요
해뜨는바다_ : 영상잘봤습니다~ 기자님덕에 저도 램에 푹빠졌네요~^^ 램1500 국내 공식수입 된다던데~자세한 정보좀 알수있을까요?~
View For You : 저런 곳에서 일하면 자부심 있을 것 같다
유승준 : 도로에 전기차가 얼마나 다니는지?
Brian Brianjoonkim : 불 좀 꺼줄래? 내 “램”좀 보게
ys R : 수건으로 문대는 세차는 되도록 하지마세요. 대충 씻는거같아도 터치리스 로 만 헹구는 느낌으로 하시길.




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