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Faze - Originality (official video)

Samuel Obi : So sad 85% of names mentioned here are dead..long live all the legendaries..2020 Samuel Obi was here
Jane Fovour : Am here 2020,I like the guy,but why he quit
Peter Best : Independent entertainment faze baba2020.
Daniel Funsho-agun : Did he say blackie?
miracle eze : Ohhh Nigeria my country
Joseph Oknodo : Am here
Collins Onyedika : Legend
Patrick Chris : Who is here 2021
Onyeka Maryjane : 2020 and this song is still fresh
Luizy Sykes : I remember my youth days in motherland. This used to be my favorite jam. Kolomental also.

Thievery Corporation & Sister Nancy - Originality

Reggae Hit
Rob S : sister nancy always originate and never ever pirate !!!
Dee coop : TC never fails
Inactive : heard this playing at a Sushi restaurant in a small town in the middle of nowhere
Rishi Kochhar : What a fucking song, killing with that voice!
Daniel Barrientos. : Blessitop desde Costa Rica
poohpooh : All good vibez 2020✅
Carolina : Porradaaaa!!!!
Nathaniel Smith : Preay
Nathaniel Smith : Better yet
Nathaniel Smith : Prey

Simplu - Mr. Originality (Official Video)

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Cat Music Online: 
Mizuki Kanzaki : People 2020: dancing on trash music
Me: dancing on this song Mr originality
Lascu : 2020 ? careva?
Strumf : FutureMan
Sario : This was my childhood <3
Vlad Vld : 2020 cineva?
Melisa The Cutie Bunny : Mai ascultă cineva în 2020?
SuPeR MaRiO : 2020 vibin
Motz Raul : 2020
theacefacer : 2
Stefan Bogdan : Nokia e63+Bluetooth
Nostalgie :)))




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