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Lloyd - Tru (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for "Tru" by Lloyd

Get the Tru EP. Out Now!
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tru-ep/id1180824740?uo=4\u0026at=1001l3Iq\u0026ct=888915310281\u0026app=itunes
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2DD8Y5AihPo4NHM0gETdFm
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Lloyd_Tru_EP?id=Bv222sp46ujccdkfy2fkuseabce\u0026PAffiliateID=1101l3z7\u0026PCamRefID=888915310281

Official music video by Lloyd performing Tru. 2016 Young Goldie Music / EMPIRE


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Donotmesswithme#foe Forlife : POV:ur here from tiktok
Jermale Sykes : Crazy part I went or going thru this now. And me my soon to be wife made
Utha Smith : I love Lolyd
A M : His voice tho and the vocals damn
Lloyd Collins : do you homie I feel exactly how u do from Lloyd to Lloyd stay blessed up
Miss Nelson : Who's listening to this while still half as quarantine! 2020!
Jessica Johnson : I love this song it tells a story about my struggle to something better.
Khadija Allen : ❤❤❤❤❤❤100
Karisa Wormely : Yes this my jam
Eric Lenoar : Man. Today was the first time I heard this song....It expressed my Inner self perfectly to tears flowed. All I can ever be is true. I'm sorry.

Lloyd - Lay It Down (Official Video)

Music video by Lloyd performing Lay It Down. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

#Lloyd #LayItDown #Vevo #RandB #VevoOfficial
silva games : Top som
Idk. Tierrany : Hits diff
Adelarene Guzman : Bruh this whole song touches my soulll
Joseline Alicia Mekontso : Who is here in october
Katreisha Johnson : When he hit that “ohhh lay, ohh layyy, ohhhh layyy hewhooo” Lloyd the only man I know that can get me in the mood just by yodeling
Elihle Khumalo : This year got me checking out old good music, I was in High school when this song came out
daniel jenkins :
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Makayla : The song has been stuck in my head for so long so happy i found it
Kareem Skinnet : Kaeerrmskinner mics

Lloyd - Slow Wine Bass Line (Official Video) ft. Teddy Riley

Listen to the single "Slow Wine Bass Line". Out now!
Stream: https://empire.ffm.to/slowwinebassline

#Lloyd #SlowWineBassLine #YoungGoldieMusic

Official music video by Lloyd performing "Slow Wine Bass Line" © 2020 Young Goldie Music / EMPIRE

Clemesha January : Such an underrated artist. I love his voice, and not to mention he sexy asl
Rel Jr 89 : stop playing witem...!!!
aaliyah Edwards : This song was bad but then I loved it
Ryejahdeemeel W : I love the way this man sing/smiles through every note ❤️ me some Lloyd
Michael Edward Alexander : " G "-------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ICON$ " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WadZ : Imagine Donnell Jones on this beat. It will would also have been absolutely banger
TheSamped : What they did to mey
Osara Bello : Yesssssssssssssssss boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Oh my god....That voice truly missed. Like he never left yall
Texas Finest : I hate the intro
CreTheSoulBird : Why Llyod be tryna get me pregnant again my uterus hurt




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