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Top 10: Best Photo Box for 2020 / Photo Light Box / Portable Photo Studio Box / Shooting Tent

Top 10: Best Photo Box for 2020 / Photo Light Box / Portable Photo Studio Box / Shooting Tent

08:42 Foldio3 + Halo Bar + Foldio360 (25" All-in-one Portable Foldable Photo Shooting Studio Light Box with LED Lightning Kit):

07:47 AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light - 25 x 30 x 25 Inches:

06:39 TRUMAGINE Professional 47''x20''x55'' Photo Lighting Studio Dimmable Large Lightbox Shooting Tents Kit:

06:01 Konseen Photo Light Box Large Kit 39x39in/100x100cm Dimmable Studio Professional Cube Shooting Tent Box with 96x4 LED Lights Strips 3X PVC Backgrounds:

04:45 Travor Photo Light Box Kit 32x32Inch Dimmable Photo Studio Professional Shooting Tent with LED Lights:

03:57 SAMTIAN Photo Box, SAMTIAN 24x24x24 Inches Professional Light Box 126 LED Light Shooting Tent Table Top Photography Lighting Kit:

02:48 Amzdeal Photography Light Box 32in Upgraded Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent:

01:46 FOSITAN Photo Studio Box, FOSITAN 24x24 inches Table Top Photo Light Box Continous Lighting Kit:

01:16 spash F60II Lightbox 60*60cm Photo Studio Folding Photography Tent Softbox Portable light cube:

00:06 ComXim Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light for Professional Photography:

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How to make a LIGHT BOX

Today on DIY Creators, I built a photo lightbox.
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Materials used
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1. (7) 1 by 2 by 8ft select pine
2. Diffusion fabric
3. Wood filler
4. Wood Glue
5. Get the plans here

Tools used
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1. Metal square
2. Miter Saw
3. Pocket hole jig
4. Drill and Driver
5. Jawhorse
6. Orbital sander
7. Heat gun
8. Bandy Clamp
9. Bar clamp
10. Staple Gun

Woodworking Plans (Big Bundle)

Camera and Recording Gear and Lighting Kit
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Camera - Nikon D5500 -
Mic to record to computer -
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

Youtube White screen LightBox

You can use this video as a lightbox in a pinch to trace something. place the item to be traced on the screen. And place your blank paper over it. The white of this screen acts as a lightbox. You can then trace it.

This video is a companion piece to my tutorial on how to make an actual lightbox with led lights and foamboard.
That tutorial is here:




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