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Ika-6 Na Utos | Full Episode 349

Emma is a sweet and cheerful souvenir merchant who falls deeply in love with Rome, a refined pilot who fights for his love for Emma despite his mother's approval. The couple seem to have the perfect and happy marriage everyone dreams about. But just like any other relationship, problems and issues arise that put their marriage in jeopardy. Rome widens his circle with his career success while Emma focuses on taking good care of their family.

Amidst career success, Rome meets Georgia, a sexy and ambitious interior designer. They flirt with each other and begin a secret affair.

Will Emma be able to find out about Rome's infidelity caused by her old friend Georgia? Will she let this betrayal break their marriage?
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Lucas Enrique Reyes : Problema sa problema
Lane Fernandez : E so son bon mo ka ema na si sindi ai si milaya
Lane Fernandez : Hahagaháh
Merlinda Gacusan : Hay!nko may pinagmanahan pala yang magkapatid na yan malandi din pala ang nanay nla
Libby Dela Cruz : walang kalatoy latoy talaga umarte tong si emma laging mabigat ang katawan
Calvin Jones : Bad si Noel
myra andrea manalaysay : Yung ganyan kabobobo ang mga security guard hahaha
Only in the Philippines
Tzukaye Sisican : Nakunsisya c silma butinga sau
Tzukaye Sisican : TANGANG GUARD
Tzukaye Sisican : Ayan NANAMN c silma praning

The Return of Superman [Ep.346- Part.2 / ENG / 2020.09.13]

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▶The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.346
- Every Sunday 19:05 (Seoul, UTC+9)

Fathers may not be perfect.. but that's alright if they aren't perfect! There's nothing like a father's love to boost our spirits. The dads who used to spend all their time working have returned home on 'The Return of Superman'.

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The Return of Superman:

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cookies crumble : Hayoung talk so well,shes sooo freaking cuteeee
char anne : Rawon is so pretty. Her hair looks good on her.
Airose Caloobanan : Rawon lookin more pretty. RaRa sisters are really adorable, we need more RaRa episodes
Maliani Bawitlung : wow they played Wonho Open mind
Barsha Shrestha : Do yenwoo and hayong are the best
Damayanti Ghanekar : I miss you Rawon and Raim love you RaRa Sisters ❤
Adlina Sarah : Rawon is so pretty
Crystal Byun : i swear rawon is really the most beautiful girl I've seen in TROS
❀stan pledis boys❀ : Hayoung is so cute
Glad to see RaRa sisters came and played well with the Doppelgängers.
Rinngheti Raltecolney : Please invite BTS namjoon and jin.. i really want to see joon taking care of children:)

안경 위에 쓰는 편광선글라스! 까미노 피토가 입고됐습니다. 모든 저시력자를 위한 고글! - sunglasses on glasses, CAMINO FITO

지난번 오디바이크 세미나에서 유심히 보았던 까미노 피토 선글라스가 입고됐습니다. 쓰고 있는 안경 위에 바로 얹혀쓰는 편광선글라스입니다.

저는 입고되자마자 블랙오렌지 색상으로 집에 모셔두었습니다. (휴일에 쓰고 놀러갈거게용 ㅎㅎ) 쓴듯 안쓴듯 정말 가벼운 무게와 대부분의 안경에 자연스럽게 촵 올라간다는 호환성 덕분에 인기가 좋네요!

안경쓰시는 분들 대부분 공감하시겠지만, 선글라스 하나 살때마다 도수클립 넣거나 렌즈 자체에 도수 넣으시려고 여기저기 찾아다니시잖아요? 돈도 많이 들고! 그 설움 이 까미노 피토로 날려버리세욧!!!

[까미노 피토 선글라스 보러가기]

#편광선글라스 #안경위에선글라스 #까미노피토

Track: Sunset — Waimis [Audio Library Release]
Music provided by Audio Library Plus

Free Download / Stream: https://alplus.io/sunset
Soomoa Kang : 총각님 온라인은 어디로 주문해야되요 매장가서바로사고싶은데 멀것죠ㅠ
산희 Sanhee : 여성도 가능한가요?
박학수 : 야간용으로도 쓸수있나요?
한화우승가자 : 하나사보려는데 색상은 어떤게 괜찮을까요 주간에 보통라이딩하고 야간엔 거의 안나갑니다.
김태선 : 저도 방문해서 두개 구입했네여
정말 괜찮습니다
박선종 : 일단주문해슴니다 ㅎㅎ
안재열 : 안경에 고글에 헬멧 쫌 힘들어요 렌즈나 돗수클립이 답이더군요
박선종 : 크기는? 제가 대두인대요
란젤트 : 최근에 온라인으로 총각님샵꺼 구매해서 사용해봤습니다.가성비좋고 무엇보다 이쁩니다.
jh bae : 안경쓴 사람의 고충을 아는 총각님의 탁월한 선택입니다.저 안경 씁니다.




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